Old Kent Road has spent a lot of time with us at DanceEast recently, working on OSCiLLATE and hosting a Tap Jam with our regular class attendees. We were very lucky to see this work in it’s early stages of development and we can’t wait to see how it has transformed over the past year.

A ground-breaking tap dance experience choreographed by Avalon Rathgeb and Dre Torres, that explores human interaction and the effects of miscommunication in relationships. Using movement, sound and light, the performers will take you through a journey of misunderstanding, confusion, fear and misconceptions – to compassion, acceptance, resolution and equality. The performance includes original analogue electronic music, composed specifically for this show out of electricity and its currents. Every sound you’ll hear was manipulated from electrical currents to create tone, depth and a beautiful composition.

OSCiLLATE is supported by South London Dance Studios, Arts Council England and DanceEast.


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