Promises of Happiness


jerwood dancehouse

Are you happy? Would more money help? A hug from a stranger? A new mobile phone or cheaper car insurance?

This is a dance show for joy, for simple pleasures, for saying ‘no’ to people who want to tell us what should or should not make us happy; and to endless promises of happiness alluding to a world just out of reach.

Here, exploring happiness is more important than ever actually finding it.

Let’s go there together.

Robert Clark is a UK based choreographer who has been creating and presenting work since 2006 both nationally and internationally. He is renowned for his humorous and emotionally charged, intricate and detailed, direct and engaging dance performances.

The Place is recognised as one of the world’s key resources for dance development. It supports the most talented choreographers in the UK today through its bespoke Work Place associate artist scheme.


“Beautifully observed and condensed into a deep, reflective and thought provoking experience”
Audience member of the work-in-development sharing

Commissioned by DanceEast and The Place. Funded by Arts Council England. Supported by Greenwich Dance, Trestle Arts Base and Dance4. Robert Clark is a Work Place Artist and Resident Artist at Greenwich Dance

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