RETURN TO HEAVEN | Mark Bruce Company

Multi award-winning Mark Bruce Company bring their flair for vivid storytelling to a new tale drawn from popular culture and ancient Egyptian myth.

Bruce and his astonishing company of dancers pull you into a cinematic love story full of the rich and visceral imagery that has become their trademark. Presenting a hallucinatory nightmare of unleashed demons, sinister scientists and supernatural forces, two adventurers (Dane Hurst, Eleanor Duval) tumble into a waking dream of a land beyond time and death. Imagine the world of Indiana Jones as viewed through the lens of David Lynch, set to a soundtrack ranging from Penderecki to Lanegan.

Hypnotic, poignant and intricately choreographed, Return to Heaven is a beautiful horror, laced with the darkest of humour.

The company’s previous visits here at DanceEast have been amongst our most successful performances – if you like theatre along with dancing then this is the show for you! With incredibly high production standards and set to music ranging from Penderecki to Tchaikovsky, Mark Lanegan and Harry Belafonte, this dance theatre performance will be visceral and poignant, intricately choreographed and laced with dark humour.


‘The ensemble flow like liquid gold across the stage.

Stagetalk Magazine



‘Confrontational, dynamic and never, ever dull.’

Broadway World


Want to find out more? Watch the trailer below or listen to Mark Bruce talk more about the performance here:



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