Stories of a Little Watersprite | Sophie Nüzel

Photography by Franz Kimmel


Amongst drifting waterweed and ancient moss-covered rocks the pond is teeming with life. Newts, snails, tiny minnows and bigger fish all go about their business as usual.

However, over the years things have entered the pond from above. Things that haven’t grown out of the squelchy mud or been born among the boulders. There’s so much of it that the inhabitants have completely stopped noticing it.

This underwater world is in need of change. And this is where a little watersprite awakens.

Sophie Nüzel’s work for children and families uses storytelling, movement and puppetry to tell a tale of community, support and belonging. The show is recreated at each venue and performed by three professional performers and an intergenerational local cast.


The show has been made in collaboration with the performers:

Robert Clark – performer
Jo Blake-Cave – performer
Simon Palmer – performer
Chris Swayne – Lighting Designer
Jonathan Houghton-Van Beek – Set and Costume Designer
Sofie Layton – Set Concept and Consultant
Rosalind Conlon – Producer

Supported by Landeshauptstadt Munich and Arts Council England.

Booking Information

Dates and Times
Age Suitability

Children aged 4+ and their families


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