The Monsters | Cas Public


Please be aware this performance contains flashing lights.

Age suitability: for all audiences 9+ years.

Cas Public celebrates 30 years of creation with Suites ténébreuses/The Monsters, a production in semidarkness from whose shadows emerge the monsters that inhabit our childhood imagination, the most disturbing of which continue to haunt us as we age.

We’ll be screening the full performance right here from Friday 26 February, 7.30pm and it will be available to watch all weekend!


Choreography & Artistic Direction: Hélène Blackburn

Assistant to the Artistic Direction: Cai Glover

Rehearsal Masters: Jérémy Galdéano and Alisia Pobega

Dancers: Cai Glover, John Michael Canfield, Alexander Ellison, Jaym O’Esso, Kennedy Henry, Laura Vande Zande

Music: Dear Criminals

Lighting Design: Lucie Bazzo en collaboration avec Étienne Fournier et Hélène Blackburn

Scenography: Hélène Blackburn and Lucie Bazzo

Costumes: Michael Slack

Animations: Marjolaine Leray

Technical Direction & Sound: Slim Dakhlaoui

Lighting: Étienne Fournier

Video Production: Productions Agile

Producer: Jérémy Busque

Camera Operators: Keven Lachance and Guillaume Roberts Cambron

Photos by Alex Paillon.

The Monsters is a creation of Cas Public in co-production with Lucie Bazzo and l’Agora de la danse. This production has benefited of artistic residencies: Agora de la danse  (Montreal, Canada), Royal Opera House (London, United Kingdom), Teatralia (Madrid, Spain) and Théâtre Paul Eluard (Bezons, France).

Cas Public receives financial support from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, the Conseil des arts du Canada and from the Conseil des arts de Montréal.


Cas Public wishes to inform viewers that this webcast presented in collaboration with Agora de la danse complies with the health measures issued by Quebec Public Health for the performing arts sector and theaters and the CNESST. The six dancers you will see on stage work only for Cas Public, and that among them are two couples living at the same address.



Founded in 1989 by choreographer Hélène Blackburn, Cas Public is a contemporary dance company based in Montreal, Canada. In 2001, the company successfully carved out a niche in the young audience market with the goal of introduction the public to contemporary dance and contributing to its development. Cas Public thus defines itself as a contemporary dance company dedicated to producing works for all audiences. Recognized for its high-energy, high-performance dance, Cas Public has staked its reputation on the exceptional quality of its works coupled with its presence on national and international stages.


Booking Information

Dates and Times

Friday 26 February | 7.30pm

Available all weekend!

Ticket Price
Age Suitability

For all audiences 9+ years.


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