Triple Bill | Lanre Malaolu

Photography by Salima Kamara


Join us for an evening of three works by Lanre Malaolu and a live post show discussion (Zoom) on Friday 15 October.

The dance films will be available to watch from Friday 15 – Sun 17 October.



Figure is an experimental film about boys growing up without fathers. It explores how early detachment from a father figure affects emotional growth and engagement with the world. Through a dynamic fusion of physical theatre and hip-hop dance, the film follows two young men as they search for answers both outside and inside themselves.

Duration: 6 minutes



The Circle is a bold and lyrical portrayal of two brothers, David and Sanchez, living on a Hackney council estate, in East London. The film gives a compelling insight into their family and friendships, the stigmas they face daily, their mental health and how they process their emotions.

Combining dance with documentary, their story and the challenges they face are embodied through vivid movement sequences. The Circle looks at what it means to be a young black man growing up in inner-city London.

Duration: 13 minutes



Through a dynamic fusion of movement and dialogue, THE CONVERSATION explores the challenges black men and women experience when communicating their racial experience to white partners.

Duration: 15 minutes



Award-winning director, choreographer, and writer working across theatre and film.

Lanre creates groundbreaking work merging movement and dialogue to tell socially engaged stories about our world.

A unique element of Lanre’s work stems from Rudolf Laban’s movement psychology, to build dynamic and bold choreography charged with truth.

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