While You Are Here is a performance where dance and theatre meet, written by Eve Leigh and an exciting collaboration between Choreographer Jonathan Goddard and Director Lily McLeish.
The piece explores the events that unfold over time in one small space. Simultaneously looking at the past, present and future, stories are connected through their location. Forgotten incidents ricocheting through the space as generations pass by – trying to make sense of life, death and time.

While You Are Here questions our relationship to our environment and examines connections and legacies passing through centuries.

The piece promises to be visually rich with the combination of dance, text and animation, showing time as an ever-evolving puzzle. Four world-class dancer-actors inhabit a striking world, created by designer Akhila Krishnan, with score by Max Pappenheim.

Jonathan is the first contemporary dancer to win the Critics’ Circle National Dance Award for Best Male Dancer in 2008 and went on to win Outstanding Male Performance and Best Male Dancer award in 2014. Jonathan has performed as a dancer at DanceEast many times in the past, his last visit was the lead role in Macbeth (Mark Bruce, 2018). It’s a great moment for DanceEast to support Jonathan, who has contributed so much to dance performance, as he creates this new work to premiere here at the Jerwood DanceHouse.

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