Who Killed Bambi & Metropolis


Who Killed Bambi? is a collaborative work between dance, theatre, music and stage design, bringing together an exciting team of artists including theater director and international associate at The Royal Court Theater Richard Twyman and composer, cellist and artist in residence at the South Bank Center Oliver Coates. It takes inspiration from recent political examples of individuals standing against the group and portrays the subsequent hunt to silence them as a large-scale fur installation transforms the stage into a fierce hunting ground.

Metropolis reflects on our complicated relationship with the city. We build to control, simplify, protect, but the city, much like a wild animal, resists domestication. A cast of exceptional performers builds or scatters a landscape of bricks and constantly redefines borders in their quest for comfort, security and happiness.

Visceral, up close and personal..."
"...makes a vivid impression"


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