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As part of the DanceEast Centre for Advanced Training’s ongoing relationship to the professional industry, each year students are offered an opportunity to participate in a ‘Work Experience Day’, with a prestigious national dance company on tour.

This year Charlotte, a Level 4 Student on the DanceEast Centre for Advanced Training, was lucky enough to be selected to participate in a ‘Work Experience Day’ with internationally renowned Rambert Company, while they were on tour at Norwich Theatre Royal.

See what Charlotte had to say about her experience:

“Last week I had the pleasure of undertaking work experience with the Rambert team whilst they were on tour at the Norwich Theatre Royal. I took part in a Ballet class with the Company, Observed and joined in with an older adult outreach workshop and watched the technical rehearsals for Rambert’s evening performance of Symbiosis.

It was an honour to meet and dance with so many internationally renowned artists in the Company class. The dancer’s technical ability alone was astounding and it was uplifting to watch the professionals showing such resounding joy in all of their movement. The outreach class was equally as joyous and both Effie McGuire (Rambert Animateur) and the class of Adults were full of enthusiasm to create and perform.

Inevitably I faced challenges throughout the day, I had to quickly pick up material and execute difficult movement and it was quite frightening to stand at the barre in a class full of professional dancers, there is the fear that you may make mistakes or look a fool, but what I learned from the dancers was the ability to own my movement and be brave. The day was rounded off with a stunning technical rehearsal and I could see how everything that I had learned during the day translated into this wonderful performance.

I would say that after this experience, I will take away a reminder of the joy that can be had through movement, a sense of continuous performance quality in class as well as in stage and an idea of the strength needed to make it as a professional dancer.

I would like to thank Rambert Company for this marvellous opportunity and for making me feel so welcome.”


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