Richard Earl

Richard Earl is a parent and class participant
I started to come to Danceast 8 years ago when my daughter was first born. We joined the Tots&Co group and it soon part of our weekly rhythm that we would go dancing on Saturday together. It became an important part of Daddy time and when my daughter got too old then my son started to come along instead. Now the kids are too old for me to join their classes but I’ve joined an adult class instead and my son does two classes on a Saturday! Dancing has become a massive part of our lives and we are so grateful for the opportunities at Danceeast.

Q&A with Richard

What made you first bring your daughter to one of our Tots classes?

Richard: My wife had just started to work and I needed something to do on a Saturday morning with my daughter. A dance class seemed like a really good thing to do.


What did your children enjoy most about coming to DanceEast?

Richard: Meeting our friends and, also, a chance to dance with me!


What benefits did the classes have on you?

Richard: It gave me a chance to play with my kids, have some fun with them and to do something that was just daddy time. It was also a chance to dance with them, which was a privilege and something they grow out of quickly! I have also made some good friends amongst the other dads and we still meet up for coffee and curry!


What benefits did the classes have on your children?

Richard: It gave them a chance to develop physical coordination, a love of dance and a regular chance to play with their friends. It’s also really good exercise.


In what ways has dance become a part of your life?

Richard: These dance classes reminded me that I love to dance. It gave me an opportunity to express myself physically, which was something that I hadn’t done for a while now that I’m too old for clubbing! Therefore, when I stopped dancing with the kids (when they were too old), I realised that I needed to carry on dancing myself and so I started tap dancing. This is such good exercise and so much more interesting than running or going to the gym! My wife and I have also attended several shows at DanceEast and found them to be amazing. Therefore, dance is definitely becoming part of who I am.

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