Richard Pye

Richard Pye is a Board Member and a former CAT student

Photos credit: Jado Soto

"My journey to this point would never have been possible without walking through the doors at DanceEast. What I have achieved so far as a dancer and the way in which I have grown as a person is thanks to my relationship with this organisation.

DanceEast is where I was first introduced to contemporary dance. I experienced many pivotal moments both to my professional and personal growth whilst on the CAT scheme and continue to be influenced by my time on the program. I keep in contact with many of the artists and friends I made at DanceEast 10 years ago and have gone on to train and work with a lot of them.

DanceEast taught me to embrace new, daring and exciting opportunities. I was lucky enough to work with such a variety of different artists and dancers whilst on the scheme, that not only am I open to a lot of different artistic work but have experience of working in so many varying environments and with diverse groups of people. Diversity is something that makes this building so dynamic and enjoyable.

A relationship with DanceEast is not something that breaks. Time may pass, interests may change but their desire to inspire and encourage never falters. I now sit on the board of Directors for the organisation where my skill set, knowledge and opinions are both challenged and immensely valued."

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