Get Dancing 2018/19

A round-up of all our incredible campaign stories

As our campaign comes to an end, we’ve taken some time to look back and reflect on some of the wonderful stories we’ve heard over the past 6 months.

Kaia Goodenough

DanceEast Junior Associate Artist

“I do not think I would be at this point of my career and continually growing as an artist without DanceEast.”

Erin Thompson

DanceEast Centre of Advanced Training Student

“The CAT scheme has challenged me and really opened up my eyes to the dance world, overall changing my ‘hobby’ into something I am seriously looking at as a career path; a future I wouldn’t be thinking of without DanceEast.”


Boys United Member

“I have really enjoyed being in a boys’ only dance group – I think it is special, as there are not many of them around.”

Freya & Anne Brown

CAT Alumni & Parent

“DanceEast shaped and nurtured Freya as a dancer, as well as giving her many fantastic opportunities within the dance world.”

Claire Hall

CAT Parent

“Dancing at the CAT has been a great focus for James, not only because of the obvious health benefits, but also from the creative and wellbeing perspectives.”

Dylan Irvine

Boys United Member

“DanceEast has been a part of my life recently with Boys United and the U.Dance Festival since 2017. This has given me the opportunity to work with different age groups and styles.”


Class Participant

“As soon as I started at DanceEast, I knew I wanted to stay and be a part of it. My tutors have supported me through all sorts, everyone is so friendly and positive, and being part of the DanceEast community makes me feel so lucky!”

Hayley Roberts

Spin Off Member

“Dancing has helped with my fitness and my health. I look forward to dancing every week and my enthusiasm has grown every year.”


Boys United Member

“Dancing with Boys United has helped me be more confident. I like that we work as a team and have a voice to make suggestions that can influence the choreography.”


Boys United member

“I have been doing dance for a few years now and have really benefited from doing it and hope to continue to take pleasure in doing it in the future.”


DanceEast Centre of Advanced Training Student

“DanceEast have been a major part of my life and have supported me through so many obstacles.”


Boys United Dancer

“I have gained a lot of self-confidence from my classes; I used to have bad stage fright but I have overcome it. I have made a lot of friends and had a chance to work with experienced dancers.”

Tommy Norris

Community Dance Artist

“DanceEast continues to be the regional hub to which I owe much of my success and happiness in dance.”

Isis Clunie

DanceEast Centre for Advanced Training Alumni

‘I can’t explain how much it has changed how I think about Dance, it’s exposed me to so many opportunities and opened so many doors for me within the dance world.’


DanceEast Centre of Advanced Training Student

‘DanceEast has been a large part of my teenage years, spent in a fun, friendly and healthy environment, where I’ve made lots of great friends.’

Lizzie Hawes

Community Dance Artist & DanceEast Assistant Customer Service Manager

‘I feel honoured and privileged to have such a glorious historical relationship with DanceEast; long may it continue!’


DanceEast Centre of Advanced Training Student

“Having an opportunity to dance at DanceEast has enabled me to realise my ambition, as well as making me not only physically, but also mentally strong.”

Emma Garnham

Primary School Teacher

“As a school we love being included in the different opportunities DanceEast provides.”

Joanna Haste

DanceEast Tutor Assistant & Community Dance Artist

“DanceEast offers people with additional physical, intellectual, mental and emotional needs (and more), to participate in dance, and that is in itself a beautiful thing.”

Kanika Carr

Professional Ballet Dancer

‘DanceEast gave me an invaluable insight into the professional world of dance, which helped me greatly in pursuing my dream career as a dancer.’



“A relationship with DanceEast is not something that breaks. Time may pass, interests may change but their desire to inspire and encourage never falters.”


Dance Artist

“DanceEast have supported and helped me grow throughout the last 5 years. They have become not just a place of work, but a second home.”

Charlotte Miller

DanceEast Centre for Advanced Training Student

“I’ve met some incredible friends on the scheme, who share my aspirations and I’m grateful for the support of the C.A.T. scheme.”

Richard Earl

Parent & Class Participant

“Dancing has become a massive part of our lives and we are so grateful for the opportunities at Danceeast.”


Naomi Looker


“Being part of CAT is proving to be an incredible benefit to Isaac’s well-being and to his outlook on the future.”


DanceEast Centre for Advanced Training Student

“I think CAT has made me more mature as a person and now I’m more confident in what I do, what I say and how I dance.”

Our GET DANCING campaign for 2018-2019 will raise funds to support our vital work with children and young people – with a focus on increasing access and breaking down barriers to participation so that every child and young person can experience the benefits of dance.

Regular access to dance can improve children’s physical fitness and co-ordination, with significant clinical evidence proving that a little physical activity each day can improve concentration levels and help to prevent obesity. Dance releases endorphins and is a natural form of stress-relief, which is increasingly vital for young people going through exams and pressure at school. Dancing is also a great way of socialising and meeting new people.

Your donations can make such a difference…
£10 will pay for a Tutor Assistant for an hour, allowing for one-on-one support for those children that need it, and making our classes accessible to those with access needs.
£20 pays for a child’s taxi journey to get to our building for classes twice a week.
£50 pays for a term of performance company classes for one child who would otherwise be unable to participate.

All donations make a huge difference in a young person’s life, but don’t just take our word for it. Click on the images to the right to see what others have to say about the benefits of dance and their experience of engaging with us.

Keep an eye on this page as more stories will be added throughout the campaign – if you want to share your story with us use #getdancing!

Please be aware that Just TextGiving came to a close on March 31 2019. If you would still like to make a donation after this date, you can do so by clicking on the link below or via our Box Office.


Remember, you can donate online by clicking here.


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