Rolfing with Hayley Matthews


Hayley Matthews is a Certified Rolfer™,qualified with the British Association of Rolfing and Structural Integration, where training is accredited and certified by the European Rolfing Association, Munich (ERA) and the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration, Boulder, Colorado (RISI).

Rolfing® Structural Integration is a method of deep tissue manipulation and movement education. It aims to balance the body so that it can deal more efficiently with the downward force of gravity. Rolfing® is named after American biochemist Dr Ida Rolf who developed the method in the 1950’s. Rolfing® can address posture, alignment, performance, recovering from chronic pain, balance and wellness and embodying a psychological process. Rolfing is officially a 10 session process, which we recommend is taken step by step. However some clients come for 1-3 sessions, or continue Rolfing if they find it useful beyond the 10 sessions. Each Rolfer™ will approach Rolfing from a point of view that reflects their own interests, skills, and values. Hayley is also a professional contemporary dancer and choreographer and brings this experience when working with clients. Alongside personal and academic interests and influences including the work and writings of Giovanni Felicioni, Hubert Godard, Gabo Mate, Antonio Demasio, Julia Cameron, Peter Levine, Tom Myers, Eugene Gendlin. What is special about Rolfing®?

Rolfing promotes the idea that there is an optimal individual alignment for each individual relative to the Earth’s gravity field. In this more aligned state, the body can function most economically, which in turn promotes a sense of ease and well-being. Through this we may optimise our individual sense of health, in line with Dr. Rolf’s belief that there is an inherent individual ‘best alignment’. Rolfing is both an art and a science with layers of anatomy, movement, and human behaviour. Rolfing has an expansive, creative and analytic quality that sets it apart from other posture-oriented therapies.

Rolfing sessions with Hayley are booked by email. If you would like to discuss your needs or whether Rolfing might be for you by telephone call can also be arranged by email
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