Getting Back on Your Feet: Post Pandemic Dancing

Dance Artists Bar Groisman, Joey Hogger & Annie Kelleher


Fed up of dancing alone in your bedroom? Join Centre for Advanced Training Alumni and current DanceEast Kickstart Dancers Annie, Bar and Joey for two days of fun and energetic dancing in the spacious studios at DanceEast!

This two day workshop is designed for young dancers about to start professional training, those who are mid way through their studies or those who have recently graduated. The past 18 months have seen many changes, not least to the arts, so these sessions will focus on the enjoyment of dancing as a collective again, getting back on your feet and feeling more confident about your dance practice in a post pandemic world.



Day 1 will be with Annie and Joey and will focus on looking at developing own practice through movement and discussions. The day will begin with a contemporary class from Joey, exploring musicality and levels, encouraging you to be yourself and enjoy moving in the space. We’ll then move onto a creative session with Annie. This session will focus on working as a group, exploring dance and voice to reawaken senses and group awareness. We’ll be sharing, discussing and asking ‘what is dance practice?’, and ‘how do you develop your practice as a young artist?’.


On Day 2 join Bar, founder of contemporary dance theatre company Sababa Co.(, for an intense, fun and explorative full day workshop. Focusing on finding the raw emotion in physicality; breaking of traditional movement; deepening the relationship to music; and redefining every day text in new ways. The day will start with an energetic warm up, following a physical and emotional exploration, ending with a short creation based on what you have explored throughout the session.

I could hear that voice in my head

Telling me to listen to my heart, no my gut, no my heart, no my gut

Surrounded by love

Yet I felt alone

Waiting for that text to make me feel at home

– Aize Balagan, The Place, London 2020


Both days will end in a short Q&A with the artists leading the sessions. Giving you the chance to discuss any questions, queries or just to have a chat.

The workshops are completely free to attend but your place must be booked in advance.


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