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Digital Primaries delivers high quality, creative, cross-curricular primary school dance for KS1 and KS2.

Schools can start at the beginning of any half term to gain access to high quality and creative regular dance classes for Years 1-6.

Dance classes are streamed from DanceEast’s Jerwood DanceHouse to primary classrooms. Sessions are interactive, live and teaching up to five schools simultaneously. The cross-curricular nature embeds topics from other subjects into their learning; currently we cover a number of PSHE and Science topics and others will be developed over the coming terms. This also means that dance does not need to be an extra-curricular activity added onto an already busy school schedule. These sessions introduce, recap and reiterate classroom learning while also developing dance and PE skills.

This is an easy way to get dance into school, is cost effective due to its digital nature and acts as CPD and confidence building for teachers to continue providing dance to their classes. The programme is designed so that any primary school can access it; perfect in particular for those who do not have easy access to other dance opportunities. We’re giving every primary school child the opportunity to learn to dance.

Schools can now sign up to join us in the 2023-24 academic year!

We have a limited number of places available; sign up here or get in touch on to find out more. Joining the programme gives you access to:

  • Regular, live streamed, cross-curricular dance sessions across the year (PSHE & Science topics currently covered)
  • Written lesson plans and supporting resources for each session
  • Teacher CPD and support for continuing dance in your school
  • Technical support
  • Performance elements and recorded lessons to be added across the 2023-24 year

For further information or to see a session in action, please contact

As we are being funded to develop the Digital Primaries programme it is currently being offered at the following subsidised rates:

  • Small School (1 form entry): £300 + VAT
  • Medium School (2 form entry): £400 + VAT
  • Large School (3 form entry): £550 + VAT

Digital Primaries is funded by Paul Hamlyn Foundation.


Discover Moving Habitats films. These three 30-minute bitesize films are for primary school aged children (Key Stages 1 and 2), which explore environmental issues through creative dance and what’s more, are FREE.

The Moving Habitats films have been developed to support cross-curricular learning and are a great way to either introduce or embed understanding of the impact of environmental issues on three habitats – The Arctic and Melting Ice Caps, Oceans and Plastic Pollution, and Coasts and Rising Sea Levels.

Find out more