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Victoria Shulungu

Victoria Shulungu is a versatile dance performer, rehearsal director, teacher and producer. Victoria has a unique ability to support a creative process through her empathy, technical ability and attention to musical and rhythmical detail.

Through her collaboration and participation with Hip Hop dance theatre company Far From The Norm, Victoria is not only able to harness her own movement language and autobiographical approach to performance; she is also able to draw that sensitivity from her colleagues.

Victoria’s entry into her career started in community Hip Hop settings, working with underground, competitive dance crews in East London. Her foundation is across all Street dance styles particularly Popping, which allows her performance to be rooted in informed technique.

However, technique is one element of Victoria’s performance. Victoria is immersed in the psychological process of her artistry, ensuring that every movement has an intention & conveys a story or feeling. Her Christian faith also informs her appreciation for her craft and career.