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Pop My Mind Winners Announced

08 Aug 2017

‘The Pilgrim’s Journey’ by Sat Biswas

I am a 40 year old visual storyteller based out of Mumbai, India. Though I make my living out of IT based consultancy, most of my time is spent in documenting life and living around me using Photography as a medium. Photography was a way to explore my lonely childhood and tumultuous boyhood, until it became a sacred part of my expressions and existence. I love depicting the smaller visuals of life and narrating the finer aspects of the abstracts around me. Stylistically, I am deeply influenced by “Lyrical Abstraction”, and take inspiration from poetry, filmmaking and my daughter Ira.

This piece of work is based upon the Pop “Silk Road”. Silk Road is not a place but an idea. A thought and a philosophy that has shaped through the thousand of years connecting and binding millions of human lives and opening up the doors of hope, love, dharma and enlightenment . This journey through the Silk Road is often called in history as the “Pilgrim’s Journey” as it was through this roads “The Light of Love, Affection and Enlightenment travelled through the teachings of Lord Buddha”. This image is from the eastern part of Himalaya, in India known as Sikkim which was an integral part of the Silk Road.