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Seeta Patel’s reimagining of the iconic ballet in Indian Dance style Bharatanatyam

21 Feb 2019

Seeta Patel

Seeta Patel is a dancer and choreographer. Bornn in London, she began training under the guidance of Kiran Ratna in 1990 and has since worked with a range of Bharatanatyam and contemporary dance professionals including Mavin Khoo, Padma Shri Adyar K Lakshman, Pushkala Gopal, Darshan Singh Bhuller and more.

Seeta Patel has also toured with DV8 Physical Theatre, Shobana Jeyasingh Dance Company, David Hughes Dance Company and Mavin Khoo Dance.


Rite of Spring

Taking the South Indian classical dance form of Bharatanatyam with it’s intricate rhythmic footwork, geometric and dynamic movements and expressive prowess, Seeta has created a compelling excerpt of the iconic Rite of Spring with a view to creating a full length work with 12 dancers.

This will be the first time this iconic piece of music has been interpreted in this way, and an exciting bridge between two very technical, powerful and evocative art forms (Western classical music and Indian classical dance).


5 fun facts about Rite of Spring

  1. Stravinsky’s music, which is also called The Rite of Spring,  is universally popular and most people know it even if they can’t name it!


  1. Seeta Patel’s version of The Rite of Spring is performed in the Indian classical dance style: Bharatanatayam – lots of beautiful hand gestures, stamping of bare feet, and strong body choreography.


  1. Seeta and the cast have worked closely together to make Stravinsky’s classical music work with classical Indian dance choreography


  1. Although The Rite of Spring is performed regularly all over the country by different dance companies, this will be the first time anyone’s seen it in the Bharatanatayam style.


  1. The production will feature atmospheric lighting and beautiful textured costumes from India.