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U.Dance 2’s A DanceEast Duet Project to Celebrate U.Dance National Festival 2018

03 Apr 2018

DanceEast is offering a chance for emerging local dancers to go into the community and showcase what great, young talent there is in the area. The Duet Project is part of a programme of activity developed to celebrate the U.Dance National Festival taking place in Ipswich at the Jerwood DanceHouse. Follow along with all activity on social media with #EastYouthDance.

The duets programme is a chance to work with experienced choreographers in three different styles: hip hop, contemporary and Afro-fusion to produce a duet. Performed as short, quirky public engagement, you will hand out postcards to promote the Festival over two weekends leading up to the U.Dance National Festival.

We are looking for pairs of lively, engaging volunteer dancers, who are happy and confident out in the community sharing your enthusiasm for dance. Aged 17 years and older we are expecting a level of dance experience and bags of energy.

U.Dance National Festival 2018 will take place at the Jerwood DanceHouse from Friday 13 – Sunday 15 July. Tickets will be available to watch performances on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 July by the very best youth dance talent in the UK.

Click here for more information about U. Dance Festival and opportunities to enter the U.Dance Regional platform in 2019.

Studio Day | Saturday 27 May

You will begin with a day at the Jerwood DanceHouse.

Tim Casson, a dance artist with a reputation for public collaborations and inviting people to dance in exciting and accessible ways, will start the day with a short workshop looking at developing techniques of engaging and working in public space.

You will then break into groups to work with their chosen choreographer for the rest of the day:

Hip hop with SIN Cru

Lucy Crowe is Artistic Director of the hiphop organisation SIN Cru and has been sharing accessible and creative bBoy technique with students for over 20 years; making the impossible possible.

Find out more about SIN Cru here.

Contemporary with Glass House Dance

Glass House Dance create human, touching contemporary dance performances for public spaces; where intimate stories woven into everyday environments create often surreal, reflective and comic dance theatre performances.

Find out more about Glass House Dance here.

Afro-Fusion (African/ Caribbean Dance Fused with Contemporary Styles) with Alleyne Dance

Originally trained as athletes, contemporary dancers Kristina and Sadé present their company Alleyne Dance; an internationally touring, multi-disciplined dance duo who have also trained in traditional African dance, Kathak, Latin and circus skills. Their choreography celebrates the unique blends of genres and rhythms to create an emotionally charged and inspired choreography.

Find out more about Alleyne Dance here.

After a period of independent rehearsal, the duets will then return to perform on Saturday 30 June and Saturday 7 July.

Apply Now

Please complete an application form and select your first and second choice duet style.

Download your application form here

Applications should be emailed to by Friday 27 April.