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09 Aug 2016

Next month We Are Ipswich will host a Future Assembly Lab: an intergenerational creative workshop across two days in which teenagers join forces with over 60s to co-create visions of the future they want in 10 years’ time. This will be one of four Future Assemblies happening across the country in Liverpool, Exeter, Ipswich and London – so your contribution will be part of a national project. Ipswich’s Future Assembly Lab will take place on Thursday 1 and Friday 2 September 2016 at the High Street Exhibition Gallery (HEG) in central Ipswich and will be hosted by local artist Mark Curtis of the New Wolsey Theatre.


Many people feel they have lost connection with the political system. They want to be heard and know their voices make a difference. Together we want to start a national conversation to reveal visions of possible futures to inspire us all and rally communities to be active in the shaping of the future. What kind of UK do we want in 2026? Through discussion, creative writing and team-building exercises, we hope to collectively design a manifesto for a future we can all invest in. The findings of the Ipswich Future Assembly, and the other four Future Assemblies, will be collected in a book, a poster and a video.


If you are aged 15 – 19 years, or over 60 years, would like to take part and are available between 10am – 4pm on both days, please complete an application form and return it by 9am on Tuesday 16 August to or FAO Gecko, New Wolsey Studio, St George’s Street, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP1 3NF. Successful applicants will be informed on Friday 19 August.


The project has been initiated by Annette Mees, Creative Fellow for Wired / The Space and Abby Nocon, Creative Futurist. It is based on a cross continent project in development called the Almanac of the Future, where they bring together 15 year olds with 65 year olds to imagine the future in 50 years.


We are hoping for a roughly equal mix of teenagers and over 60s with a broad mix of views. It would be great to have as much diversity as possible – socio-economic, political, gender, 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation immigrants and those whose families have been on this island for longer. Preference will be given to people who are able to commit to both days. There will be plenty of opportunities for talking and being creative. Lunch will be provided plus tea, coffee and soft drinks. The project is completely free to take part in.


Inspiring the Future Assembly project:

“We have to free our mind, imagine what has never happened before and write social fiction. We need to imagine things to make them happen. If you don’t imagine, it will never happen”

Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize winner and pioneer of microcredit and microfinance


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead, Cultural anthropologist and Women’s Rights activist


This is a We Are Ipswich group project in conjunction with Future Assembly