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Digital Commissions

The Jerwood DanceHouse foyer is now home to an exciting series of digital artworks, bringing DanceEast’s work with technology into public spaces. We welcome you inside to explore and interact with artworks in the building.

Aaron Howell’s latest work WAVE is currently exhibited. Founder of ‘Howl Creative’, Howell works collaboratively with dance, immersive theatre and sound design.

Travel into a digital world of swirling skirts, sashaying socks, glitter ball jackets and tumbling t-shirts with Second Hand Dance‘s Getting Dressed Films.

Movementus by Emma Bellerby and Gwynira Daikin is the first of two commissions from DanceEast and Collusion for graduate artists of Norwich University of the Arts. This live interactive digital projection is waiting for you to get involved…

Find out more below about each of the digital commissions below.


Howl Creative  

A collaborative digital meeting and animation project created through improvised movement scores, motion capture and generative code visuals.

Directed by Aaron Howell, each performer/group worked separately in a process of capturing their authentic and playful approach to movement. This digital work unites people through finding freedom in unique movement and is a celebration of the unplanned, unexpected and unforeseen connections of overlapping individual moments.

Dancers: Arthur | Bertie | Dotty | Kamilla | Samuel | Andy Newman | Kafiye Koksal | Denise Powling-
Roles | Ross Heward | Hannah Emmett | Aaron Howell | Diego Robirosa | Maisy Ritchie | Penny Iles

Supporting Artists: Elin Anderson | Penny Iles

Commissioned by DanceEast

En Route

Howl Creative  

At times when the constant notion of moving forward distracts us from the beauty in the fleeting present, I encourage you to pause and simply lose yourself in this visual world for a moment. 

This 5-part animation series presents a hand-dawn performance of bodies in motion, exploring timelines of passing, meeting and physically poetic moments of connection.

Choreographed and animated by Aaron Howell, this process aims to celebrate the intersection of contemporary movement and creative technology, and the unique and playful re-inventions that occur when these forms intertwine.

Music: Donald Beteille 

Dancers: Daisy Howell, Alex Gosmore, Helen Andrew, Iolanda Portogallo, Aaron Howell 

Commissioned by DanceEast.



Emma Bellerby and Gwynira Daikin

Step into the space to see the colours and lights react to your movement. Your actions will create a visual interaction that only you and viewers will experience in the moment.

Use #movementus to share any videos or pictures you take.

The ebb and flow of each mover mirrors their unique contribution as members of the community who bring life to this venue. The abstract motions projected into the space represent the relationship between the digital and the physical.

This live reactive image piece combines Gwynira Daikin’s programming and digital art knowledge with Emma Bellerby’s video editing and eye for aesthetics. Artistic contributions from movement director, Laura Biggs, and DanceEast’s fantastic dancers, whose ages range from 2 to 81, demonstrate the versatility of the technology. Captured in DanceEast’s digital suite and using the Kinect Asure and TouchDesigner, the collaboration of art, dance and tech marks a moment in this contemporary age.

Movement Director: Laura Biggs

Dancers: Pam Candler, Elin Anderson, Haydn O 

Commissioned by Collusion and DanceEast.

Dreaming of Dance


‘Dreaming of Dance’ is an animated short film exploring how dance makes us feel mentally, physically and spiritually. Through interviewing a range of people that engage with dance, weewaawoowee created a narrative trying to encapsulate the magic of dance and what it could add to people’s lives. Dancers from a variety of backgrounds and abilities spent a day with weewaawoowee and choreographer Laura Biggs capturing footage that would be used as reference for weewaawoowee’s process.

Commissioned by Collusion and DanceEast.

Getting Dressed Films – Second Hand Dance

Travel into a digital world of swirling skirts, sashaying socks, glitter ball jackets and tumbling t-shirts.

Commissioned by StreamDANCE, this series of 5 short dazzling dance films, transforms our everyday clothes into celebrations of our individuality. Set to an 80’s inspired soundtrack the Getting Dressed films are created for audiences 3 to 7.