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15 Aug 2018


The Storm is a whirlwind of lightning fast, hyper athletic movement, where acrobatics, break-dancing and martial arts fuse, in an attempt to bring to light the struggles of mental health. The intention is to create a narrative that not only moves audiences emotionally but challenges them to consider all aspects of our actions and psychologies.

Inspired by a personal ‘term of relative unhappiness’, James Wilton explores the many parallels between weather and psychology. Likening the world to a storm, the piece builds to become something too powerful to fathom. The seven dancers are elevated into the air then dropped to the floor with unstoppable velocity. James Wilton uses the storm as a metaphor for the weather and the mind. You can’t see the wind, but you can see how it changes objects. In the same way, you can’t see emotions, but you can see how they change people.

Dance that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Athletic bodies taking fearless risks with limitless adventurous choreography, defying gravity and any other restrictive theory” (Jo Turbitt, Across The Arts)

After the success of LEVIATHAN in 2016, DanceEast is excited to premiere The Storm. In addition to the two-night run at the Jerwood DanceHouse, James Wilton Company will also be holding a workshop for boys at DanceEast on Saturday 29 September.

Book tickets to The Storm here.

Book tickets to James Wilton’s Workshop for Boys here.