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Pop My Mind Winners Announced

08 Aug 2017

3D art piece ‘Crossroads’ by Laure

Laure is a French native and fluent Spanish speaker. She has a background in language teaching and interpreting and is currently a support worker using art as a therapeutic tool. Connecting with people is a thrill to Laure and her passion for languages and communication (or lack of it) is rooted in her art.

In 2016 Laure completed an Access course in Art and Design which acted as a catalyst for her art practice. She is presently studying for an MA in Fine Art at Norwich University of the Arts to further her investigation of words as vessels of meanings and images. She is exploring the beauty of the written word through cursive handwriting, layering of text and her innate capacity to mirror write. Her deconstruction of language encourages the viewer to “see” and appreciate the essence of writing rather than reading it. Art as Text as Art? Laure wants you to wonder and ponder…

This series of work is a celebration of dance through movement. Movement is conveyed through the curviness of lines, the cursive handwriting and the ethereal grace of the Maruishi paper. The paper, which has become a map, bears witness of the silk road by leaving marks and traces of words behind, which acknowledge the connection between DanceEast and the Silk Road:
“A celebration of diverse cultures and dances as strong, yet as delicate, as silk itself.”