8 Tender Solitudes | Fevered Sleep

8 Tender Solitudes was created in collaboration with seven extraordinary dancers, each performing alone. Featuring a soaring score by composer Kate Whitley, it’s made from yearning and sensuality, anger and frustration, grief, memory and love.

Over the last year, we’ve had to learn new ways to connect with our friends and our loved ones. We’ve met each other at a distance, but rarely skin to skin. We’ve become fearful of breath, hugging and intimacy, and we’ve thought we might never be touched again.

When we’ve lived like this for so long, can touch ever be the same?

Duration: 12 minutes


Fevered Sleep was established in 1996 by artistic directors Sam Butler and David Harradine.

All their work is made in collaboration with people outside the company, and participation is at the heart of everything they do. They see their creative process as a kind of research: a way to investigate and reimagine the complex and challenging world in which we all live.

They’ve worked with performers, designers, artists, scientists, doctors, teachers, vets, philosophers, social workers, all sorts of other adults and many, many children.

They invent new kinds of spaces which invite people to come together and share their experiences of things that matter.

They’re trying to make the world a more caring, curious, compassionate place, one unlikely art project at a time.

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