WHILE YOU ARE HERE | Jonathan Goddard and Lily McLeish

While You Are Here explores the events that unfold over time in one small space; in 2115 past secrets are uncovered, three centuries earlier a couple contemplate their future, someone catches fire and a dream is forever lost. Simultaneously looking at the past, present and future, stories are connected through their location, forgotten incidents ricocheting through the space as generations of humans pass by trying to make sense of life, of death, of time.


While You Are Here is a play for dance written by Eve Leigh and an exciting collaboration between choreographer Jonathan Goddard and director Lily McLeish. The performance premiered at the Jerwood DanceHouse in 2019, and we’re excited to share it with our audiences again online. 

Following a recent and extended history of collaborating together at the National Theatre and the Royal Shakespeare Company, Lily McLeish and Jonathan Goddard present a compelling play for dance written by Eve Leigh. In an exciting combination of dance, text and film, While You Are Here questions the connections, legacies and inheritance passing through the centuries. Four world-class dancer/actors inhabit a striking world created by designer Akhila Krishnan with an original score by Max Pappenheim.

While You Are Here is commissioned by DanceEast and The Place, supported by Arts Council England, Stone Nest & the Royal Opera House, produced by Artstrust Productions.

This screening is free and available to all however, if you would like to make a donation and support us please click here.


Concept: Jonathan Goddard & Lily McLeish
Director: Lily McLeish
Choreographer: Jonathan Goddard
Playwright: Eve Leigh
Performers: Clemmie Sveaas, Christopher Akrill, Hannah Kidd & Christopher Akrill
Composer: Max Pappenheim
Production Designer: Akhila Krishnan
Lighting Design: Lucy Hansom
Lighting Associate: Sherry Coenen
Projection Programmer: Stanley Orwin-Fraser
Sound Engineer: Edward Moor
Marketing Designer and Photography: Joe Walkling
Company Stage Manager: Lucy Barter
Camera Operator: Roswitha Chesher
Producer & Film Director: Martin Collins

Booking Information

Dates and Times

Friday 9 April | 7.00pm

Available all weekend.

Ticket Price
Age Suitability

Age suitability 12+ years. Contains swearing and sexual references.


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