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Featuring performances choreographed by James Wilton Dance, Luca Silvestrini’s Protein, Sarah Blanc, and Uchenna Dance, our Mixed Bill showcases performances from the DanceEast CAT 2019 End of Year Show.

As part of CAT Week 2020 we’ll be sharing these performances online – tune in to our facebook on Wednesday 29 July, 7.30pm. This performance will be available for 24 hours after it’s Facebook premiere, you can watch it again on our vimeo here.

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Fierce and Free
Company: Uchenna Dance
Choreographer: Viviana Rocha
Rehearsal Director: Stuart Goodwin
Music: Sampled Mix by Ayekoo Ohemaa
This piece has been inspired by the company’s newest adaptation of The Headwrap Diaries ‘Fierce and Free’ and reinvented with the collective energy of the young dancers. Prepare to feel empowered as you enter the Uchenna world.
Dancers: Lily Browne, Kitty Chandler, Maisy Freeman, Dulcie Gilbertson, Maya Inniss, Kamilla Kalman, Iman Mair, Isla Turner, Romi Beresford -Levett, Nancy Dickinson, Keziah Farrow, Autumn Gilding – Hewitt, Amber Heatrick, Rachel McCormack, Imogen Ransome, Molly Withers


Log On Like Me
Company: Luca Silvestrini’s Protein
Choreographer: Miranda Mac Letten, supported by Temitope Ajose-Cutting
Rehearsal Director: Sarah Lewis
Music: from Lol (LOTS OF LOVE) by Andy Pink
In collaboration with CAT students, Miranda Mac Letten has created a contemporary response to Protein’s award-winning show LOL (lots of love). The piece explores our online personas.
Dancers: Jesse Baggett-Lahav, Evie Barker, Romi Beresford -Levett, Andrew Collett, Nancy Dickinson, Ozde Duran, Keziah
Farrow, Autumn Gilding – Hewitt, Amber Heatrick, Alice Jones, Rachel McCormack, Ben Newland, Imogen Ransome, Amelia
Sewter, Charlotte Watson, Molly Withers, Daphne Wright


The Storm
Company: James Wilton Dance
Choreographer: Norikazu Aoki
Rehearsal Director: Xenoula Eleftheriades
Music: Amarok, edited by Norikazu Aoki
You cannot see the energy and emotions, but you can see the object moved by them.
Dancers: Anna Ala-Korpi, Jazmia Farrington, Aimee Fuller, Maddy Greenly, Esme Johnson, Charlie Lawrence, Isaac Looker, Daisy Stokes-Shinn, Jesse Baggett-Lahav, Evie Barker, Andrew Collett, Ozde Duran, Alice Jones, Ben Newland, Amelia Sewter, Charlotte Watson, Daphne Wright


The History Of…
Company and Choreographer: Sarah Blanc
Rehearsal Director: Katie Cambridge
Music: Fashionista by Jimmy James and We Fit Together by WK Music Productions
Using theatre, comedy and dance, the DanceEast Centre for Advanced Training welcomes you to the annual Mr and Miss World beauty pageant.
Dancers: Anna Ala-Korpi, Lily Browne, Kitty Chandler, Jazmia Farrington, Maisy Freeman, Aimee Fuller, Dulcie Gilbertson,
Maddy Greenly, Maya Inniss, Esme Johnson, Kamilla Kalman, Charlie Lawrence, Isaac Looker, Iman Mair, Daisy Stokes-Shinn,
Isla Turner


What is CAT WEEK 2020?

CAT Week 2020 will shine a light onto our DanceEast Centre for Advanced Training (CAT). The CAT is part of a national programme that offers world-class pre-vocational dance training to young people with exceptional potential..

As part of their training, the CAT students work with leading choreographers to create a series of performances for  the DanceEast CAT annual End of Year Show. This gives the students an insight into the professional dance world and the opportunity to create a brand-new dance work, or to re-stage or re-imagine an existing professional dance work. During the week, the CAT students will be taking part in  the CAT Digital Summer Intensive working with leading choreographers including Anna Williams, Martin Lawrance, Alleyne Dance, James Cousins, and Jamaal Burkmar. DanceEast CAT Alumni will also have the opportunity to take part in a workshop with New Adventures, led by Resident Artist Kerry Biggin.

Each evening there will be screenings on our Facebook page from previous CAT End of Year Shows that were filmed at DanceEast in the Jerwood DanceHouse. These will highlight some fantastic previous performances, starting with a restaging of Didy Veldman’s The Knot, and ending with the full-length work Park Road created by Jasmin Vardimon Company. There is also a full programme of CAT works choreographed by Jess and Morgs, Joseph Toonga and more. Each performance will be available to watch for 24 hours via vimeo – www.danceeast.co.uk/whats-on for more information.




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Wednesday 29 July | 7.30pm

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